LONDON/BASEL: Lord Peter Goldsmith, the former UK Government law officer controversially involved in the Iraq war decision, is among nine members of the independent governance committee which has been set up to oversee the FIFA reform programme set in train by president Sepp Blatter.

Goldsmith, 61, was the Attorney-General under Tony Blair who had to deny he was ‘leaned on’ after coming up in early 2003 with the formal advice that the invasion of Iraq was legal without further United Nations approval. He stepped down from government on the same day Blair left the prime ministership in June 2007. He currently works for US law firm Debevoise & Plimpton as head of its European litigation practice.

Other members of the committee include Sunil Gulati, the economics lecurer from Columbia University who is president of the United States Soccer Federation and has played a central role in the game’s development in the US; FIFpro president Leonardo Grosso; Michael Hershman, president and ceo of Fairfax which played a leading role in the securing of independent media rights in relation to protectionist sports federations.

A perhaps more contentious member is François Morinière who is ceo of Groupe L’Équipe/Groupe Amaury a commercial partner of FIFA in the World Player of the Year/Ballon d’Or award.

** The complete membership of the governance committee, as profiled by the Basel Institute of Governance on its website [], is as follows:

Sunil Gulati

Sunil Gulati is the current president of the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) and a lecturer in Economics at Columbia University. He serves as a senior advisor to the Kraft Group. Elected in March 2006, Gulati has been one of the most influential figures in the development of US soccer over the past 30 years. Gulati served as USSF Vice-President for six years and played a key role in major USSF decisions for many years prior to his election as president.

Leonardo Grosso

Leonardo Grosso has been a FIFPro Board Member since 1994 and FIFPro President since 2010. He began his career as a goalkeeper in Serie A with Genoa in 1963 before joining Serie B club Perugia in 1970. After four seasons with Perugia he signed for SPAL Ferrara in 1974 before ending his career with Modena in Serie B in 1978. During his 15-year career he performed in over 400 league appearances in Italy’s two top divisions. Leonardo is a professional lawyer, an AIC (Italian Players’ Union) Board Member, the President of the AIC UNLUS Solidarity Fund and a member of the Board of the Fondo Fine Carriera Giocatori ed Allenatori di Calcio (a Fund for Football Players and Coaches who ended their career). He also serves as vice-commissioner of ENPALS (a social services institute for professional athletes).

Lydia Nsekera

Lydia Nsekera has been serving as president of the Fédération de Football du Burundi since 2004, and as a member of the International Olympic Committee since 2009. She holds a degree in economic and administrative sciences at the University of Burundi. In addition to her roles at the Fédération de Football du Burundi and the IOC, she was a member of the NOC Women and Sport Commission (2001-2006); a member of the Organizing Committee of the 5th African women’s football championships (2006), a Member of the Women’s Football and Futsal Commission of the African Football Federation (CAF) (2006-), among others. She is currently a member of the Commission d’Organisation Tournois Olympiques de football and the Commission de Football Féminin et de la Coupe du Monde Féminine de la FIFA. She is a Winner of the IOC Women and Sport Trophy (2009).

Lord (Peter) Goldsmith

Lord (Peter) Goldsmith QC, PC is Chair of European and Asian Litigation at Debevoise & Plimpton LLP. Lord Goldsmith served as the UK’s Attorney General from 2001-2007, prior to which he was in private practice as one of the leading barristers in London.
He became Queen’s Counsel in 1987 and has judicial experience as a Crown Court Recorder and a Deputy High Court Judge. Public appointments he has held include: Chairman of the Bar Council of England and Wales, Co-Chairman of the International Bar Association Human Rights Institution, Board member of the American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative, Co-Chairman of the ICC Taskforce on Arbitrations Involving States and Chairman of the UK Financial Reporting Review Panel. He has an active international litigation practice and is a current member of the British House of Lords serving on the House of Lords Select Committee on the Constitution.

Alexandra Wrage

Alexandra Wrage is the president and founder of TRACE, an international non-profit membership association working with companies to raise their anti-bribery compliance standards. TRACE provides compliance tools and services to its members, including more than 200 multinational companies and more than 3000 SMEs in over 130 countries. Ms. Wrage is the author of Bribery and Extortion: Undermining Business, Governments and Security and the host of the DVD Toxic Transactions: Bribery, Extortion and the High Price of Bad Business produced by NBC. She has written three compliance guidebooks and is a guest blogger on the Huffington Post. Ms. Wrage speaks frequently on topics of international law, anti-corruption initiatives and the hidden costs of corruption and regularly writes articles appearing in the business and legal media. She has served as Chair of the Anti-Corruption Committee of the American Bar Association’s (ABA’s) International Section and Chair of the International Legal Affairs Committee of the Association of Corporate Counsel and is a longstanding member of the Working Group for the United Nation’s Global Compact 10th Principle. Ms. Wrage, a Canadian, read law at Kings College, Cambridge University.

Michael Hershman

Michael Hershman is President and CEO of the Fairfax Group. He is an internationally recognized expert on matters relating to transparency, accountability, governance and security. The Fairfax Group has advised governments, corporations and international financial institutions on issues pertaining to the conduct of senior-level officials and/or the entities with which they do business. In December 2006, Mr. Hershman was appointed Independent Compliance Advisor to the Board of Directors of Siemens AG, a company with more than 400,000 employees. Hershman served as Senior Staff Investigator for the Senate Watergate Committee, the Chief Investigator for the Federal Election Commission, and as Chief Investigator for a joint Presidential and Congressional Commission reviewing state and federal laws on wiretapping and electronic surveillance. Immediately before founding the Fairfax Group, Mr Hershman was Deputy Auditor General for the Foreign Assistance Programme of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). Mr Hershman is a Member of the Board of Directors and Chair of the Audit Committee for the Canter for International Private Enterprise. For the past ten years he has been a member of, and Vice Chairman of the INTERPOL International Group of Experts on Corruption (IGEC), and for the past 12 years, he has sat on the Board of the International Anti-Corruption Conference Committee (IACC). For the past three years, Mr Hershman has been selected as one of the one hundred most influential people in business ethics by the Ethisphere Institute. Michael Hershman is founder of the International Anti-Corruption Academy an International Organization located in Austria and is Chairman of the Academy Senior Advisory Board.

Guillermo Jorge

Guillermo Jorge is founder and managing partner of Guillermo Jorge & Asociados, a Buenos Aires based legal and consulting firm specialized in preventing and enforcing anticorruption and anti-money laundering laws and regulation and asset recovery remedies. Guillermo is also an active consultant for international organizations and Latin American governments. Guillermo is also the Director of the on Program on Corruption Control at San Andres University School of Law. Guillermo was Drapper-Hills fellow at the Center for Democracy, Development and the rule of Law at Stanford University (2009), Reagan-Fascell fellow at the National Endowment for Democracy (2006), and fellow at the Stanford Center for Latin American Studies (2002). Recent publications include International Standards against Money Laundering, in Bernd Klose (ed.), Asset Tracing & Recovery, The FraudNet World Compendium, 2nd Ed., Dr. Erich Schmidt-Verlag, Berlin, Germany, forthcoming, 2012; Políticas de control de lavado de dinero, in Tokatlián, Juan G. (ed.), Drogas y prohibición: una vieja Guerra, un Nuevo debate, El Zorzal, Buenos Aires, 2010; Recuperación de Activos de la Corrupción, Editores del Puerto, Buenos Aires, 2008; The Peruvian Efforts to Recover Proceeds from Montesino´s Criminal Network of Corruption, in Pieth, M. (ed.), Recovering Stolen Assets, Peter Lang, Bern, 2008. Guillermo holds a law degree from Buenos Aires University (1995) and an LLM from Harvard Law School (2003).

James Klotz

James Klotz is a partner at Miller Thomson LLP, and Co-Chair of the Canadian firm’s International Business Transactions Group. Having led complex corporate and commercial transactions in more than 108 countries, he is widely respected for his deep knowledge and practical experience in the international business arena, his area of specialty. International anti-corruption is a related practice area. Mr. Klotz is currently President and Chairman of the Board of Transparency International Canada Inc. He is also Chair of the Bar Issues Commission of the International Bar Association, and Vice Chair of the Anti-Corruption Committee of the American Bar Association’s Section of International Law. He was previously Chair of the Canadian Bar Association’s International Law Section and Chair of its Anti-Corruption Task Force.
Mr. Klotz is an Adjunct Professor of International Law at Osgoode Hall Law School.

François Morinière

François Morinière has been CEO of Groupe L’Équipe – Groupe Amaury, the market leaders in sport information since September 2008. Responsible for strategy, editorial content and financial results, François manages and oversees the development of the totality of the groups’ printed media (L’Équipe, L’Équipe Mag, France Football, Vélo Magazine, Sport & Style, Journal du Golf, etc.) as well as its digital activities (internet, TV, mobile etc.). Before joining the L’Équipe Group, Mr. Morinière has been the Managing Director and later the Chairman of the Executive Board of CBS Outdoor France.