MOSCOW: Russia appears to be doing almost everything right to ingratiate itself with FIFA in the long run-up to its hosting of the 2018 World Cup writes KEIR RADNEDGE.

Alexei Sorokin: organising leader in Russia

The latest move is confirmation from the local organizing committee, headed by Alexi Sorokin, that the Russian parliament has already received the test of the essential ‘World Cup law’ and that is will be approved later this year.

The text includes the clause overturning local laws to permit the sale of alcohol within the World Cup stadia – the clause which has caused so much trouble in Brazil where the World Cup law has to be approved. Currently the Brazilian Bill is stuck in the Senate, the upper chamber of parliament, after being grudgingly approved by the congress.

A statement for Russia 2018 said: “The present legislation of the Russian federation does not permit the sale of promotion of beer in or around sports venues. However the government of Russia has already signed guarantees to FIFA that all FIFA’s commercial needs will be honoured.”

Budweiser is one of FIFA’s major World Cup sponsors.

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