RIO DE JANEIRO: Romario has returned to one of his favourite themes, attacking FIFA secretary-general Jerome Valcke who has had the thankless task of kicking Brazil’s World Cup organisation towards its deadlines writes KEIR RADNEDGE.

In an interview with Radio Globo, the 1994 World Cup-winner challenged Valcke’s comparison about transport in Brazil and Germany, the 2006 World Cup host.

“Coming from a man like him, who is at FIFA, I’m not surprised,” said Romario. “With that statement, he means that people should be careful in Brazil. I do not expect anything different. I can’t wait for the World Cup to be over so we hear no more about him  or Blatter.

“They will nothing positive behind to Brazil in terms of a sporting legacy.”

Valcke had advised foreign fans, contemplating the Brazil adventure: “Don’t think it is like Germany where you move easily from place to place all around the country. In Germany you could even sleep in your car. But not here in Brazil, you cannot do that”.


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