SAO PAULO: Ricardo Teixeira, disgraced former supremo of Brazilian football, is being investigated in France over allegations of money laundering writes KEIR RADNEDGE.

Teixeira fled into exile in Miami two years ago under pressure of scandals linked to a string of controversial business deals during his two decades as virtual dictator of the domestic game.

The latest revelations concern reports in the French media that Teixeira holds up to €30m in a secret account in the tax haven of Monaco.

This is not the first time that Teixeira has been the subject of questions over hidden funds. Previous claims concerned use of a shell company in Liechtenstan as a channel for the illicit millions he was paid by one-time FIFA marketing partner ISL plus another in Andorra arranged by Sandro Rosell, the ex-president of Barcelona and a business associate of Teixeira.

The latest nvestigation is being conducted by the Pasche bank, a Monegasque subsidiary of the Credit Mutuel group, at the request of Judge Pierre Kuentz.

Bank director Jürg Schmid was reported as describing its business as working with people and organisations who had problems obtaining services elsewhere.

One client was a “internationally-known Brazilian” whose holding the bank was reluctant to reject because “we are talking about around €30m which is not an insignificant sum.” Also, appropriate tax documentation and clear criminal record checks were all in order.

Teixeira, on visiting Monte Carlo, stayed habitually at the nearby Hotel Metropole with the account being paid directly from the bank. Reportedly he flew to Monaco in January, February, April and May tis year, staying each time for two or three days.