NYON: The European Club Association believes the 2022 World Cup should be staged in May and June so as not to adversely affect the schedules of all major European Leagues whose seasons run from August to May.

The ECA comprises more than 200 top clubs in Europe with founding memebers such as Manchester United, Chelsea, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern Munich. Liverpool, Arsenal, Manchester City and PSG are also members and each of the 53 countries in UEFA are represented by at least one club.

Last month, FIFA had announced that the tournament would likely be held in January-February or November-December in 2022, the primary reason being the soaring temperatures in the Middle East between the months of May and September. 

But according to the proposal by the ECA and the European Professional Football Leagues (EPFL), the World Cup could be played safely during the onset of summer in May-June. The proposal outlines how they can conduct the tournament in those months while ensuring there is no risk to players, fans and officials with the help of cooling systems in the stadium.

They claim that this would have minimal impact on the 2021-22 or 2022-23 seasons. As it stands, both seasons would see a revised calendar if FIFA accept this proposal. This proposal would also not have any impact on the Club World Cup or the Confederations Cup.

They also pointed out this would not clash with the 2022 Winter Olympics or coincide with the holy month of Ramadan which ends on 2 May.