PODGORICA: Stevan Jovetic has claimed that Russia’s players were deliberately looking for an excuse to halt the violence Euro 2016 tie in Montenegro on Friday night writes KEIR RADNEDGE.

The goalless Group G tie was abandoned midway through the second half by German referee Daniz Aytekin after two interruptions, first when Russian keeper Igor Akinefeyev was felled by a firework then by a second-half incident when another visiting player was struck a further missile from the crowd.

The Russian federation has registered a request with European federation UEFA to be awarded the match by a 3-0 walkover. Montenegro fear significant punishment up to and including a stadium closure.

After the game Manchester City’s Jovetic said: “Of course I’m very disappointed with what happened. We did not need that. We went out and gave our best but, after the coin incident, it was as if the Russians had been waiting for something to happen.

“They had been told to stop playing if even the smallest incident happened and to report to the referee.

“Clearly now we will be penalised. I just hope the punishment is not too heavy.”

Brage midfielder Nikola Vukcevic said: “The atmosphere from the beginning was negative, both in the stands and on the pitch.”

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