LA PAZ: Carlos Chavez, president of the Bolivia football federation and treasurer of the South American confederation, has been arrested on corruption allegations writes KEIR RADNEDGE.

Chavez was questioned for eight hours after being arrested on allegations of misuse of funds. His subsequent detention was confirmed by Attorney-General Ramiro Guerrero Oxígeno.

Alberto Lozada, executive secretary of the federation, has also been arrested, in his case on match-fixing charges.

Lozada and Chavez are both being held in the detention centre of the Special Force against Crime (FELCC).

A prosecutor had said last month that Chavez and three other senior officials were under investigation for crimes such as misuse of funds, money laundering of illicit profits, and criminal conspiracy. Chavez has always denied the allegations.

Also under investigation are the former league president Fernando Humérez, regional league boss Jorge Justiniano and the Bolivian federation general secretary Pedro Zambrano.

Since the revelations of the FIFAgate scandal by the United States Justice Department in May a total of 23 people have been put under notice to provide information to the Bolivian authorities.