SEOUL: Chung Mong-joon is heading for the heart of ‘enemy’ territory to declare formally his candidacy to become the next president of world football federation writes KEIR RADNEDGE.

The only declared heavyweight so far is European association president Michel Platini from France and it is in the French capital that sources close to Chung have indicated he will announce his candidature next Monday.

The 61-year-old scion of the Hyundai empire has said FIFA needs a fresh approach after the scandal-twisted downward spiral of the last five years under Sepp Blatter.

Platini has been a FIFA vice-president ever since ousting Lennart Johansson at the head of UEFA back in 2007. He has been described by Chung as “very much a product of the current system.”

Platini, French president of European federation UEFA, issued his own declaration of candidacy last month.

Others stating an interest have included South American former stars Zico (Brazil) and Diego Maradona (Argentina) but the Liberia federation president Musa Bility has been slapped down by the African confederation after seeking its support for a candidacy.

Chung’s ability to gain significant support from the bulk of the Asian confederation is open to question since he has been out of executive office since being ousted as the region’s FIFA vice-president by Jordan’s Prince Ali bin Al Hussein in 2011.