—- FIFA is helping developing football nations with major potential to move towards sustainable financial independence through an innovative new approach to football development.

Through diverse and creative projects, the Win-Win Programme supports the needs of developing member associations that show potential for football and income growth but lack the resources to realise that potential. FIFA offers financial help and expertise through the programme as a first step to establish a virtuous circle that gives associations the chance to build a sustainable and independent foundation for future growth..

It targets areas such as football engagement, commercial exploitation of facilities and merchandising. All profits from Win-Win projects must be invested directly back into football in the respective country.

“One of the biggest challenges that we face in global football development is how to help smaller footballing nations to both raise football standards in their territories, while also moving to secure, financial independence,” said FIFA Director of Member Associations and Development Thierry Regenass.

“Win-Win projects meet this challenge head-on, helping to generate more sustainable income for football development thus creating a virtuous circle that enables member associations to maximise their potential.”

Targeting 40 member associations during the 2015-2018 cycle, Win-Win is now bearing fruit in the first pilot projects.

For example, FIFA has helped the Guam Football Association (GFA) to install solar panels at the GFA headquarters and technical centre, saving up to 95 per cent of the GFA’s standard energy consumption and thus freeing up more resources to invest in football development. Greater broadcasting capacity in Tajikistan or the setting up of a professional league in the Dominican Republic are further examples.

To date, 28 member associations (full list available here) have benefited from Win-Win, with football’s world governing body investing an average amount of USD 300,000 in each project.

The projects are closely monitored as part of FIFA’s General Regulations for FIFA Development Programmes.

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