ZURICH: Michel Platini, according to Swiss media reports, has failed in an attempt to prevent federal investigators accessing bank account documents writes KEIR RADNEDGE.

The issue is reportedly connected to the criminal investigation being undertaken by the Office of the Attorney-General into an alleged ‘disloyal payment’ of SFr1.8m made to the French president of European football’s governing body UEFA.

The payment, in February 2011, was authorised out of world federation FIFA’s accounts by its president Sepp Blatter. The latter is under formal investigation while both Blatter and Platini are under provisional suspension by FIFA’s ethics committee pending a full investigation over allegations of misconduct in office.

Until the affair exploded last month Platini had been favourite to succeed Blatter at a FIFA presidential election next February.

Investigations by the Neue Zürcher Zeitung, followed up by other Swiss media outlets, led to reports that a criminal court judge in Bellinzona had rejected an appeal by Platini demanding the return of bank documents sought by investigators.

The case attracted initial attention because a five-page judgement referred to “bank information concerning Mr Platini and access to documents relating to a customer relationship case.”

Investigators had erred, according to the judgement, in their precision of reasons for requesting access to the bank documents.

No grounds existed for a third-party complaint, however, because the issue was solely between the bank and the Office of the Attorney-General and not a matter on which an individual could interpose.

Both UEFA and the Office of the Attorney-General have refused all comment.