ABUJA: Amos Adamu, former FIFA exco member, has said that world federation president Sepp Blatter has lost his status and aura because of the corruption crisis.

Adamu, who was suspended by FIFA in the 2018-2022 World Cup bid scandal, said the ethics committee suspension of Blatter over allegations of misconduct in office had been a surprise.

“Nobody believes that a person like Blatter could face this kind of travail in FIFA,” said Adamu. “I found it hard to believe that Blatter would not be at a FIFA World Cup to present trophies and medals. I must confess, I pity him for being in this mess.”

However Adamu had no criticism to offer of the ethics committee.

He said: “If they want to ban Blatter so be it. I could remember that it was Blatter himself that made the rules and he is the one facing the music of the rules he made. I was affected once, but thank goodness today I’m off the hook.”