SINGAPORE: Notorious matchfixer Dan Tan has been re-arrested in Singapore only one week after being freed from a two-year detention.

Home Affairs Minister K. Shanmugam confirmed: “Dan Tan has been re-arrested and investigations are ongoing. A decision will be made, one way or another, on what is to be done with him.”

Tan, 51, was rearrested on Tuesday, just six days after the Court of Appeal, the country’s highest court, ordered his release saying his prolonged detention was “unlawful” because he did not pose a danger to public safety in the city-state.

The businessman was first arrested in September 2013 and held for more than two years without any charges under the special anti-gangster law.

The ministry of home affairs had invoked the law against Tan after it became difficult to find enough evidence and witnesses to file criminal charges.

Tan’s release on November 25 sparked criticism from football’s world governing body FIFA and other analysts who said it was a blow to efforts to rid the global sport of corruption.

Police said Tan’s rearrest was “for investigations into suspected involvement in criminal activities” but did not give details.

The appeals court said in its ruling that while match-fixing was “reprehensible and should not be condoned”, Tan’s alleged acts “all took place beyond our shores” and no evidence was presented to show that potential witnesses were being intimidated.

The home affairs ministry has said that Singapore law enforcement agencies began investigating Tan in 2011 “when he was repeatedly cited in Italian court papers for his involvement in transnational criminal activities in the form of match-fixing”.

It described Tan as “the leader and financier of a global criminal syndicate that conducted match-fixing operations out of Singapore”.

“Investigations indicated that Tan had an extensive network of people under his control –- many of whom were recruited in, and directed out of Singapore,” the ministry said.