NEW YORK: Jose Maria Marin, millionaire former president of the Brazilian football confederation, is still struggling to meet the terms of his FIFAGate bail demand writes KEIR RADNEDGE.

Marin, 83, was extradited from Switzerland last month on corruption, fraud and conspiracy charges after negotiating his likely bail terms while he either awaits trail or negotiates a deal with the United States Department of Justice.

He was released to house arrest under the initial bail terms and granted time to meet the financial demands. However his lawyer, Charles Stillman, has yet to obtain all the necessary securities and has written to the court asking for more time.

In his letter Stillman points out that Marin, in his Trump Tower apartment on New York’s Fifth Avenue, is complying with:

1, house arrest with an electronic tag plus round-the-clock private security for which he foots the bill;

2, provision of a $3.5m mortgage on the apartment;

3, provision of a bail bond guaranteed by five acceptable individuals including his wife of 40 years; and

4, surrender of passports,

However, a $2m corporate surety bond remains outstanding. A letter of credit from a Brazilian bank had been rejected by the court because it was from a non-US corporation.

The tone of Stillman’s letter suggests that he fears the prosecution will press for Marin to be returned to detention if the outstanding guarantee cannot be obtained swiftly.

He wrote: “We are working mightily to resolve this issue . . . we have hit a bump but respectfully urge that we be given further time to complete our task.”