LOS ANGELES : The Los Angeles 2024 Olympic bid committee has named long time Games marketing specialist Terrence Burns as its chief marketing officer.

Burns will be responsible for directing the bid’s marketing and promotional activities in order to help to bring the Olympic and Paralympic Games back to the United States for the first time in 28 years.

As CMO, Burns will work closely with LA 2024 Chairman Casey Wasserman, CEO Gene Sykes and the entire bid team and United States Olympic Committee to develop and promote LA 2024’s unique brand throughout the Olympic Movement.

Burns began his Olympic marketing career in 1993, as Managing Director of Olympic Programs for Delta Air Lines, the official airline of the Atlanta 1996 Olympic Games. Burns then served as the Senior Vice President of Marketing for Meridian Management SA, the exclusive sponsorship and marketing agency of the International Olympic Committee, helping to manage the IOC’s global TOP sponsorship and branding program.

After Meridian, starting in 2001, Burns began working as an independent Olympic marketing consultant and served with several winning Olympic bids, and the bids for both golf and wrestling’s return to the Olympics.

He also served as an Olympic marketing consultant to several Olympic sponsors over many Olympic Games, and currently serves on the United States Luge Association Board of Directors.

“For the past six months, Terrence has been a valuable advisor to our team, lending his marketing savvy and experience with the Olympic Movement to get our young bid off to a quick start,” said LA 2024 Chair Casey Wasserman. “Now we’re delighted that Terrence has taken a greater role in helping us tell our story of a bid that is innovative, creative and sustainable.”

“It’s a tremendous honor to work alongside Mayor Garcetti, Casey, Gene, Olympian Janet Evans and the entire LA 2024 team of professionals to help bring the Olympic Games back to a city whose ingenuity helped transform the Games twice before,” said Burns.

“Los Angeles is a city that constantly reinvents itself by answering the question, ‘what is next?’ As a Candidate City, our goal is to harness that unique, Californian spirit of reinvention to help the Olympic Movement create a new Olympic Games for a new Olympic era.”

Burns is being seconded by Teneo Sports, a global advisory firm currently working with the LA 2024 Candidature Committee.