LONDON: English players’ union leader Gordon Taylor has told his local newspaper that world football federation FIFA may be beyond rescue.

FIFA Congress, next Friday, will elect a new president to succeed banned and disgraced Sepp Blatter as well as on a raft of reform proposals. However Taylor indicated this may be all too little too late.

In an interview with the Clitheroe Advertiser, he said: “We cannot and must not leave a vacuum in FIFA to be filled with the same toxic problems as before. It is going to need a quantum step for FIFA to reform, rather than fiddling while football burns.

“FIFA’s motto is ‘For the Good of the Game’, but they haven’t been good for the game and they’ve lost respect.

“Of course they are not all bad, but football has been badly tarnished by people who’ve been put in responsible positions and have abused their power.

“As a result, a lot of football’s wealth has not gone to the grassroots of the game, and instead we learn those precious funds have gone into private, secret accounts.”

Taylor added: “The future of the game, in terms of good governance, is on very thin ice.

“The time has come to clean out the corruption because the biggest and best game in the world deserves a lot better. There are enough ethical people out there to make sure the job’s done properly.”