ZURICH: Prince Ali bin Al Hussein, in his pre-election address to FIFA Congress said:

Football is the greatest unifying force around the world and bring a escape for young people in refugee camps and favelas, fosters peace in war-torn nations in africa and aisa and helps girls break free from gender stereotypes.

But FIFA has floundered: the game has carried its governing body under the weight of global condemnation

It is critical we get things right.

Today you can reclaim your FIFA and prove we are the dedicated guardians of the world game.

If I am elected FIFA will build on the best of the past and leave the past behind.

The reforms are a step in the right direction now we must press ahead to agree on the next steps.

My first task will be to take responsible action to end the current crisis [by bringing in an oversight commission led by Kofi Annan].

Together we can restore FIFA’s reputation, credibility and legitimacy.

Under my leadership we will reverse the pyramid and put the priorities of our national associations at the top. I would return FIFA to what it was intended to be: a service organisation.

I am one of you, together we can make history by electing the first president who comes from a national association.

As president I will be beholden to no-one but you, our national associations.