ZURICH: Gianni Infantino, in his pre-election address to FIFA Congress said:

Five months ago I was not thinking to be a candidate. But many things have happened. The image of FIFA is tarnished and when the situation is difficult you have choices: you hide or stand up and try to do the right thing. For me to hide has never been an option.

I have visted many countries – for example, in Africa where I’ve seen what can be done. I looked into the eyes of children holding a football, what FIFA has been able to do. We can do a lot in Africa, we have help Africa

My journey brought me to South America . . . to CONCACAF . . . to Oceania . . . to Asia.

, with h epasion, the heart of f . he world has to thank for what sam has done and is doing for a . this is a small confed but when it comes to f it is the largest nd we have to rhank conmebol and sam f for what yehy arr doing and maintain their talent.

cinc is a very xciting confederation com monserrat o the nited states.

in the avribb the deam of he caribb league – make it come true. t is comething that has a great potential as far as im concerned.

Together, we can change football.

Europe has to do much more for football. We have to break down the walls which exist between confederations. We have to get Europe to do much more in the world. We have so much expertise and so many experts. They have to travel around the world and tell the associations this will be done as from tomorrow.

When I speak about figures I know what I’m speaking about. I’ve been managing UEFA for the last seven years.

In a period of financial crisis, the figures went up almost three times and the distribution to the associaions increased as well, very signficantly.

If FIFA generate $5bn in revenues is it normal that $1.2bn cannot be distributed for reinvestment in football? What does FIFA have to do but reinvest the money in football? That’s 25pc? Are you telling me its a prolem?

It is not – because the money of FIFA is your money [applause]. You are the national associaions and this money has to serve for the development of football, not for anything else.

We need to do what FIFA has to do – invest our human and financial resources in the develppment of football.

We need a strong leader and strong leadership. A leader cannot do anthing. I will need you, each and every one and I will be there for you every day and every night.

My pledge is: let’s bring FIFA all together.