JAKARTA: In a new blow to the credibility of football in Indonesia the president of the the federation, the PSSI, has been identified by judicial authorities as a suspect in the ongoing corruption scandal.

Indonesia is currently suspended from international football by world federation FIFA and its representatives were barred from casting a vote in last month’s presidential eletion.

FIFA is due to take a decision on the Indonesia crisis at its congress in Mexico City in May.

Now the High Prosecutor General has said that La Nyalla Matalitti, who was elected as PSSI president last April, is guilty of misusing grants from the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The 56-year-old has denied any wrongdoing and insisted that he will not resign from PSSI.

La Nyalla told local media: “I believe this allegation has something to do with my position in PSSI. I will not resign unless the PSSI voters want me to.”