MUNICH: Franz Beckenbauer is to retire as a TV football analyst with Sky Deutschland after a final appearance in the channel’s Champions League coverage last night.

After one of the most difficult years of his personal and professional life, Beckenbauer said: “I am now 70 years of age, I have been in the public limelight for more than 50 years through football – whether as a player, coach or official and I have travelled dozens of times around the world. After so long, I want to take a break.”

“I am retiring from my TV role at my own request. The last few years have been very difficult for me…”

Most important personally was the death from cancer last year of his son Stephan.

Beckenbauer won the World Cup as a captain and as a coach, and later was the president of the 2006 World Cup bid and organising committees.

He has also wound down his long-time contract as a columnist for Bild after the scandals surrounding the World Cup awards to Germany for 2o06 and Qatar 2022.

He has always denied any wrongdoing or vote-buying.