Investigatory chamber of the independent Ethics Committee opens formal proceedings against Miguel Trujillo

ZURICH: Having examined all of the relevant evidence and based on Miguel Trujillo’s guilty plea before the federal court in New York, the investigatory chamber has opened formal proceedings against Mr Trujillo. As a licensed FIFA match agent, he was bound by the FIFA Code of Ethics.

The investigatory chamber will investigate payments from Mr Trujillo to several football officials. The Chairman of the investigatory chamber, Dr Cornel Borbély, will lead the investigation proceedings as the chief of the investigation.

He will examine all relevant evidence and hand over the case report in due course, along with recommendations, to the adjudicatory chamber of the Ethics Committee.

Under the FIFA Code of Ethics, pursuant to the presumption of innocence, the investigatory chamber shall examine all circumstances of the cases equally. In this regard, Mr Trujillo is presumed innocent until a decision has been passed by the adjudicatory chamber.




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