BUENOS AIRES: Amid chaos within the Argentinian football federation, the government has launched a tender process for 2017 for the Futbol Para Todos system securing domestic games for free-to-air television.

La Nacion said the tender includes national, international and internet broadcast rights for the top-tier Primera Division, with the government receiving bids for domestic rights up to July 7 and international offers within a 40-day window.

AFA president Luis Segura said after a meeting of 12 clubs that the association would be interested in sealing an agreement with the government, which has the rights to the domestic league, to end the deal before it is due to expire in 2019.

Last month Boca Juniros president Daniel Angelici said interested agencies included “US broadcaster Turner, another composed of the Clarin group, Torneos and DirecTV, Al Jazeera in partnership with Uruguayan businessman Paco Casal, and Fox, also from the US”.

IMG and Mediapro are also reported to be interested in the international rights to the Primera Division.

Last month the AFA suggested that the arrangement with the government could be curtailed as the clubs wrangled over the future stricture of revenue share-out.

Giants River Plate and Boca, predictably, prefer the present preferential system while a number of smaller clubs invited Spanish league president Javier Tebas to explain how centralised marketing worked in favour of other clubs.