BUENOS AIRES: The ongoing fall-out over the obscure finances of the Futbol Para Todos programme has continued with Luis Segura, president of the Argentinian federation, and three former presidential cabinet directors being indicted.

Futbol Para Todos was a formula created in 2009 under the last President Cristina Kirchner, in negotiations with late AFA boss Julio Grondona, by which the government paid TV rights fees beyond whatever commercial sponsors could offer.

The money was supposed to be used to cut club debts and help finance anti-hooligan measures. Neither occurred.

Now Segura, as well Kirchner’s cabinet heads Anibal Fernandez, Jorge Capitanich and Juan Abal Medina, and six former AFA directors, have been summoned for investigation by Judge Maria Servini de Cubria.

Alberto Piotti, a former judge appointed by the court to audit the AFA, said: “According to the documents we have submitted to the judge, there is money that did not reach the clubs.”

The investigation should proceed “before the case is referred to a court to establish the liability of those accused.”

President Mauricio Macri, who was elected late last year, had promised not to renew the scheme when current contracts expire in 2019.

Macri is a former president of Boca Juniors, along with rivals River Plate the country’s most popular clubs.