ERIC WEIL in BUENOS AIRES: Argentina’s President, Mauricio Macri, has reiterated the country’s will to bid to host the 10th Rugby World Cup IN 2027.

The decision, as noted previously here about Argentina’s potential, will not be taken before 2021 but the Rugby World Cup has never been staged in the Americas.

Macri talked up Argentina’s prospects in  a meeting with a delegation led by the World Rugby chairman Bill Beaumont.

Former Pumas captain Gustavo Pichot, now the deputy chairman of World Rugby, is another powerful advocate though opinions within Argentinian rugby are not unanimous.

Macri will no longer be president in 2027 and at the moment Argentina is not in a financial position to be able to organise a World Rugby Cup even if it has the stadia.

Marcelo Loffreda, a highly-rated former Pumas coach, has said that Argentina will not be in condition to play host in 2027 since it cannot yet sustain a professional league.

Former Puma Gonzalo Quesada, leading scorer in the 1999 World Rugby Cup and who has been living and coaching in France for the last 17 years, has said it would be foolish to apply until there are any signs of economic recovery.

Even so, a host for 2023 has not yet been appointed. Argentina had thought to be a candidate that year before leaving South Africa, France and Ireland battle alone.