BUENOS AIRES: The United States Justice Department’s FIFAGate investigation has struck a hitch in Argentina after Judge Claudio Bonadio rejected extradition applications for businessmen Hugo and Mariano Jinkis as well as former CONMEBOL general secretary Eduardo Deluca.

All three have been indicted in New York in connection with $200m corruption allegations concerning bribes and money-laudering linked to TV and marketing deals for international football tournaments in the Americas.

Bonadio, in an 84-page ruling, assessed that the alleged crimes were not defined specifically in Argentina.

He said: “No criminal legislation exists in Argentina that even resembles the so-called ‘phishing’ or `defrauding an intangible right of honest services’ or criminalising ‘commercial bribery’ as defined by US law.

Bonadio also noted that since charges were pending in Argentina there was an issue of doubnle jeopardy.

Alejandro Burzaco, former ceo of the Jinkis’ TyCs company, is on $20m bail in the US on associated FIFAGate charges.