ZURICH: Security director Ralf Mutschke has become the latest FIFA department head to be swept by Gianni Infantino’s new broom writes KEIR RADNEDGE.

The German former Interpol director has maintained a comparatively low public profile over the past four and a half years while pursuing concerns about matchfixing.

His successor has yet to be named but so far FIFA president Infantino, elected only last February, has appointed – among others – a new secretary-general, chief financial officer, marketing and TV directors, head of communications and chief commercial officer .

Mutschke was appointed in March 2012 and started work at FIFA in the following June in succession to Australian Chris Eaton who had joined the Qatar-based International Centre for Sport Security.

The 56-year-old had been a senior manager at the German Federal Criminal Police Office and was charged with developing “a global security concept for football in general, security around FIFA headquarters in Zurich, the FIFA president and the FIFA administration.”

A major breach of that FIFA security occurred in the spring of last year when an interloper threw a shower of fake dollar bills over Blatter as a press conference in the heart of the world federation’s headquarters.

His previous experience had included supervising contact with team security officers at the 2006 FIFA World Cup and the last year’s  Women’s World Cup.

In both those roles he worked under the direction of Helmut Spahn, another German policeman who subsequently also joined ICSS and then went back to FIFA to hire Eaton.