COPENHAGEN —-  As a united voice, the main actors of Danish football are backing the unambiguous message that homophobia is completely unacceptable – also in football.


The Players’ Association, Danish Football Association and Danish League is now launching the first of several joint initiatives to raise awareness and help end problems with homophobia in Danish football.


“We are proud of the support we face in fighting homophobia. It is a strong signal and message for everyone in the football world that problems with homophobia exist and need to be taken seriously, says Mathias Zanka Jørgensen, board member of the Player Association. He is backed by the CEO of Danish League, Claus Thomsen:


“Tolerance has always been a core value in football – as we have seen in the campaigns against racism. We are very pleased that we together can campaign against homophobia. We hope to make a valuable contribution, among other things because football is rooted in all sections of the population”, Claus Thomsen says.


Danish League, the Danish Football Association and the Players’ Association agree to invest resources in combatting discrimination against homosexuals, a discrimination which unfortunately still is evident within the world of football in 2017. With a strong, joint and coordinated campaign, the goal is to create as much attention, impact and effect as possible through a continuous effort.


“It has been important for us players that the homophobia is recognised and taken seriously in Danish football. Therefore, it is also important that all parties in Danish football act – both fans, politicians and organisations – and support the initiative so that we can change things and establish frameworks in which homophobia is not tolerated in any way,” Mathias Zanka Jørgensen says.


The campaign will be unfolded over the next six months – from Alka Superliga and the national teams to the streets of Copenhagen and Aarhus during the Pride parade this summer. The campaign will contain both large and small activities that focus on problems with homophobia in Danish football, and will give both players and fans an opportunity to take a stand against homophobia.


The Danish Football Association is very pleased that the message is delivered jointly:


“It is important that we stand together in fighting homophobia. We want to help train coaches, players, fans, volunteers and referees so that Danish football as a whole can say no to homophobia,” says Claus Bretton- Meyer, CEO of the Danish Football Association.


About the campaign


The first part of the campaign will be launched on Friday 21 April. In all matches in the round of Alka Superliga, running from 21 to 24 April, there player appearance will make it clear that players, clubs and the Danish Football Association support a sport free of homophobia. It will include rainbow colored captain armbands and players will carry rainbow-colored flags during walk-in.


The Players´ Association, the Danish Football Association and Danish League will during the next months plan the coming events of the campaign, but there is already planned a large happening for the international friendly match between Denmark and Germany on the 6 June at Brøndby Stadium.


The campaign will also be part of the Pride events in both Aarhus and Copenhagen.



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