NEW YORK: The sentencing date for former FIFA vice-president Jeffrey Webb has been delayed yet again by ’a United States federal court.

Webb was one of the seven senior international football executives detained in Zurich in May 2015, on the eve of the annual congress of the world football federation. Subsequently he was extradited to the US in the $200m FIFAGate corruption investigation.

Webb, who had been president of the central and North American confederation CONCACAF, has pleaded guilty to seven counts of bribery, conspiracy and money-laundering.

Reports in the Cayman Islands, where Webb operated as a banker and was head of the local football association, say that he has sold a mansion in Georgia to raise funds in a restitution deal accepted by the court.

Webb’s sentencing date has been delayed on five previous occasions, teh latest from January 24 to March 7.

His former aide Costas Takkas was jailed last year for 15 months.

Takkas worked for Webb at CONCACAF through which Webb and presidential predecessor Jack Warner had siphoned funds as well as through its Caribbean Football Union subsidiary.

Takkas, a former senior official of the Cayman Islands FA, also faces a legal claim from CONCACAF for the restitution of $3m to the Caribbean Football Union to repay illicit payments he passed on to Webb. In court statements Takkas claimed he did not receive a “cut” of Webb’s bribe proceeds.

Last month Jose Maria Marin, former president of the Brazilian CBF, and Juan Angel Napout, ex-president of the South American confederation, were found guilty of corruption charges. They are awaiting sentence and have been warned to expect jail terms.