MEXICO CITY: Decio De Maria, Mexico’s joint leader of the United 2026 World Cup bid, is to step down as president of the Mexican federation after the finals in Russia writes KEIR RADNEDGE.

De Maria, who took over three years from Justino Compean, was reported by local media to be unhappy with the power exerted by domestic broadcasters over proposals to restructure league competition.

He had also been critiicised heavily for what was perceived to be the minor nature of the role being played by Mexico in the World Cup bid.

Some 60 of the 80 matches would be staged in the United States with Mexico and cohost partner Canada hosting ‘only’ 10 group stage matches each.

De Maria is expected to be succeeded by Yon de Luisa Plazas, who, according to a federation statement, “will continue his work as co-director of the joint bid of Mexico (with the United States and Canada) for the 2026 World Cup.”

The annual congress of world federation FIFA will vote in Moscow in June between United 2026 and a rival bid from Morocco.

De Maria is the second of the three United 2026 bid leaders to be departing his lead role back home. Last month long-serving Sunil Gulati was succeeded as president of the USSF by Carlos Cordeiro.