ZURICH: Confusion has erupted over a mysterious $25bn offer to FIFA for all rights to Gianni Infantino’s proposed expanded Club World Cup and putative global nations league writes KEIR RADNEDGE.

The president of the world football federation raised the offer at last month’s meeting of the FIFA Council in Bogota and then again with the European Club Association.

Both groupings roundly rejected the idea though it remains unknown whether this was precisely the response Infantino had been seeking while feeling he was duty-bound to bring the offer forward.

The offer reportedly came from Middle East and Asia, according to the New York Times, and would involve FIFA being contracted solely as the administrator of events which do not yet exist.

According to some reports the interest stems from  Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed and Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed along with his brother Sheikh Mansour, the owner of English Premier champions-elect Manchester City. Speculation also concerns United States businessman Stephen M Ross.

Europeans members of FIFA Council obviously saw a potential conflict with the hugely successful Champions League while many observers believe a four-yearly club event is a non-starter because club football revolves around a yearly calendar.