RABAT: Morocco has confirmed that, if the rules permit, it intends to bid to host the 2030 FIFA World Cup after losing out last week to a cohosting proposal from the United States, Canada and Mexico for the 2026 finals.

King Mohammed VI has said he wants the nation to make another attempt bring the World Cup to the country for the first time, despite five previous unsuccessful bids to host the tournament.

Despite being turned down by 134 votes to 65, confirmation of yet another a Moroccan bid for the 2030 World Cup came from a member of the 2026 bid committee, Moncef Belkhayat.

He told local media: “I’m delighted his Majesty King Mohammed VI has taken the decision to make Morocco a bid nation for World Cup 2030.

“That shows that Morocco is a country of openness, tolerance and shares values of the world, making football a key driver for social development and economic growth.

“It shows also our perseverance to do better and better for the sake of Morocco and worldwide football.”

In the wake of last week’s defeat at FIFA Congress, blame by supporters of Morocco was thrown variously at southern CAF federations for their “betrayal” of the continent, at world federation president Gianni Infantino and even – bizarrely – at the new system for open voting.

Ultimately a major problem which the Moroccans could never overcome was the solid infrastructural and financial proposal of United 2026. This always appeared likely to impress voters more than what was largely an idealised proposal from Morocco – particularly considering the extra stresses which will be inevitable from a 48-team tournament expansion.

The 2030 race is already starting to look crowded with a planned cohosting bid from Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay and the likelihood of a possible United Kingdom interest.