— FIFA is set to pay-out £157 million in compensation to all clubs who released players for the World Cup.

— The Premier League will receive one fifth of the total £157 million pay-out as the highest recipient across the World Leagues from England reaching the Semi-Finals. 

— London and Berlin, 13th July 2018 – Research from Berlin-based communications specialists Tonka reveals all compensation pay-outs that FIFA´s World Cup Benefits Program will make to clubs whose players have been released to participate in the World Cup :

  • Manchester City is the top recipient out of 384 clubs with an expected £3.9 million pay-out. Real Madrid is in second place, set to receive £3.85 million.
  • Chelsea FC is third with £3.5 million.
  • Four of the top ten clubs receiving pay-outs are Premier League clubs
  • In total the Premier League will draw the highest windfall of any other League at £30.75 million.


In addition to Manchester City and Chelsea FC, the top ten club pay-outs include Tottenham Hotspurs in fourth place receiving £3.4 million and Manchester United in seventh, receiving  receiving d a£2.96 million.

The Premier League receives over 62% more than World Cup Finalists France and is the FIFA´s highest pay-out of all world leagues::

  • The Spanish La Liga is second in the league rankings but will only receive just over half of the Premier League fee at £16.49 million.
  • The German Bundesliga is in third place with £14.02 million
  • Italian Serie A will receive 13.87 million.
  • DDespite being World Cup Finalists the French Ligue 1 will only pocket around £11.53 million.

Players will also earn pay-outs for their former clubs:
The former clubs of the World Cup players are also entitled to receive payouts if the players were under contract from 2016 onwards. Chelsea’s former players will earn the clubapproximately £270,000, the highest fee out of any other Premier League club.

  • Fiorentina will see its income rise significantly due to this clause receiving around 486,300.
  • French superstar Mbappé earns Monaco second place and a pay-out of around £430.400, from. Last season Mbappé  went on loan to Paris Saint-Germain and since 1st July he has been under contract at the French capital’s club.
  • Barcelona is in third place with around £309,800.


All payout calculations for all clubs and divisions can be found at: https://www.tonka-pr.com/en/blog/fifa-compensations/


Press contact : Lukas von Zittwitz lukas.v.zittwitz@tonka-pr.com






How research results were calculated

  • FIFA pays £6,460 per day for each player released for the World Cup. The payments started on 31st May and will end one day after the last game of the team.

N.B: If a World Cup player has changed clubs since 2016, the former club(s) will receive a share of the payout. This also applies to transfers in progress. If a player changes clubs during the winter transfer period the total sum will be divided again and paid to the respective clubs.

  • If a player changed clubs during the winter transfer period 2016/17 the former club receives a sixth of the total payout and the current club will receive five sixths of the total sum.
  • If a player changed clubs during the winter transfer period 2017/18 both clubs share to receive 50% of the payout.
  • For players who changed clubs during the season, a day rate is calculated and each club receives compensation for the time the player has spent at each club. 

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