German FA presents comprehensive Sustainability Concept for UEFA EURO 2024

FRANKFURT: As an addition to the official bid book for the bid of Germany for the UEFA EURO 2024, the Germany 2024 bid has produced a comprehensive Sustainability Concept for Germany’s candidature to host the tournament.

The 74-page document, which has been worked on since Germany announced their intention to host in March of last year, provides an overview of the German FA’s approach to sustainability and how sustainability aspects can play an integrated role in football organisations and tournaments.

Regarding Germany’s plans for EURO 2024, the concept details 8 action areas they are focused on,including youth, human rights and the environment, before detailing 24 innovative sustainability projects they are actively working on within these areas, all of which are designed to contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

It is hoped that the values and projects presented by the German FA can be used by other FAs across Europe for their future national and international tournaments. The document will therefore over the coming weeks be shared with all European FAs.

Reflecting on the sustainability concept, German FA President Reinhard Grindel said: “Sustainability is a core concept of our bid to host UEFA EURO 2024, and is perfectly in line with the key pillars of the bid: to grow, share and celebrate the game. I’m delighted with the outcome of this report, which will act as an important guide for all of our activities going forward. I look forward to sharing it with my colleagues from across the continent, as we continue to grow European football.”

Celia Šašić, a Sustainability and Integration Ambassador of the German FA, added, “This is project that I personally feel very committed. A lot of work has gone into producing this concept, including engaging stakeholders from across our broad society. Now, as we share the results with our European colleagues, I hope we can continue this engagement process and work together with all European FAs to ensure the long-term development of football in Europe.’

For more information about the German FA’s sustainability concept, or Germany’s bid to host
UEFA EURO 2024, please contact:
Stephan Brause, Head of Communications at the German Football Association