Allegations coming from Africa, Middle East, South Africa and Eastern European countries reporting multiple cases of corruption


—- DOHA: The Sport Integrity Hotline (SIU), a whistleblower channel launched by the ICSS Sport Integrity Unit (SIU) to provide a safe and secure platform to address wrongdoings in sport, has reached a significant milestone in receiving over 100 reported cases.


Officially rolled out in January 2018, the SIU Hotline has rapidly reached the grassroots level in sport, setting up a much-needed platform for athletes, fans and others to report misconduct and integrity issues in global sport.


Reports coming in include allegations of match fixing, doping, sexual exploitation, corrupt club ownership practices, human trafficking and other accusations of criminal activity in sport.


Number of Cases by Type




The Sport Integrity Hotline platform is supported by a specialist ethics and case-management agency based in Canada which operates the hotline around the clock, fielding confidential reports via phone, email and online. The Sport Integrity Unit has exclusive access to the incoming reports and handles the ongoing management of cases.





Speaking of the latest hotline statistics, Dale Sheehan, ICSS Director Capacity Building and Education and Director of the SIU, said:


“The number of reported cases is a strong indicator of the global need for a safe, confidential and secure channel for those in sport to speak up. We are extremely pleased that people have felt empowered to reach out in an effort for a clean and fair environment for sport. Our role is to ensure that the investigations are conducted with appropriate due diligence and with as much transparency as possible, without breaching the confidentiality of the reporting process”.


All cases submitted through the hotline are reviewed under the SIU Risk Matrix for due diligence and validity. Certain cases that have not met the threshold have now been closed.  Other cases have been forwarded to relevant law enforcement entities and sports authorities for follow up. All cases are monitored by the Sport Integrity Unit to ensure due process.


To contact the Sport Integrity Hotline:

Phone: +1-866-921-6714 (toll-free)


Submit report online:

Reporting can be done anonymously or whistleblowers have the option of providing contact details for follow up.




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