TURIN: Cristiano Ronaldo has issued a formal denial of the allegations that he paid off an American woman to keep quiet about a rape claim.

The Portugal and Juventus superstar, via Twitter. wrote: “I firmly deny the accusations made against me. Rape is an abominable crime that goes against everything I believe in. I refuse to feed the media show created by people who seek to promote themselves at my expense.

“My clean conscience will allow me to wait with confidence the results of each and every one of the investigation.”

Earlier this week the Las Vegas police department announced it had reopened an investigation into a rape report from 2009.

The department did not name the woman or any suspect but was responding to media inquiries concerning statements to German news magazine Der Spiegel by Kathryn Mayorga. She has launched legal action in Nevada against Ronaldo, claming that she was paid a $375,000 settlement in return for agreeing a nondisclosure agreement.

Ronaldo’s lawyer Christian Schertz has described publication of documents as “blatantly illegal” and Der Spiegel’s reporting as “violating the personal rights of our client in an exceptionally serious way.”

Initially Ronaldo described the Der Spiegel claim of an incident in June 2009  – when he was about to leave Manchester United for Real Madrid – as “fake news”.




Cristiano Ronaldo


I firmly deny the accusations being issued against me. Rape is an abominable crime that goes against everything that I am and believe in. Keen as I may be to clear my name, I refuse to feed the media spectacle created by people seeking to promote themselves at my expense.


Cristiano Ronaldo scores in his first game as a player of Juventus of Italy. (ISABELLA BONOTTO / AFP / Getty Images)

Las Vegas police reopened a rape lawsuit by Kathryn Mayorga against Ronaldo. The woman’s lawyer will hold a press conference this Wednesday in Las Vegas.

Kathryn Mayorga states in the legal document that she met Ronaldo at the Palms Hotel and Casino hotel in June 2009. She said that she and a friend agreed to go with Ronaldo and the group he was with after the soccer star. will invite your suite.

Mayorga said that Ronaldo invited her to join the group in the jacuzzi and gave her some shorts and a T-shirt to change into. The complaint adds that while Mayorga changed clothes in a bathroom, Ronaldo approached him, undressed before her and asked him to do oral sex. Mayorga says that she refused, but that Ronaldo pulled her into a room and raped her while she shouted “no, no, no”.

The suit seeks to annul a prior agreement between Mayorga and Ronaldo with the argument that the woman was too traumatized at the time of the agreement to make good decisions and that she did not have adequate legal representation.

According to the civil suit, the agreement stipulated that Mayorga would not talk about the accusations he made against Ronaldo in 2009 in exchange for a payment of $ 375,000.

The German publication “Der Spiegel” reported on Friday the accusations of sexual abuse against Ronaldo through an interview with Mayorga. A representative of Ronaldo responded to the report of “Der Spiegel” saying in part that: “The report in SPIEGEL is blatantly illegal, it violates the personal rights of our client Cristiano Ronaldo in an exceptionally serious way.” This is an inadmissible report of suspicions in the area of ​​privacy. “