The Active Lives survey (released 11.10.2018) reports that extremely cold and wet weather in February, March and April 2018 had a significant impact on some outdoor sports, notably football and cycling as 303,800 fewer people cycled for leisure and sport during the twelve-month period, with double the number of events cancelled, compared to the previous 12 months.

However from April until July – coinciding with period of great weather – British Cycling figures significantly picked up and each month during that period the organisation experienced increased figures compared with 2017 (seeing an overall 41.9% increase in our April-July 2018 participation figures). Cycling was also largely unaffected by the World Cup as analysis shows no negative impact on British Cycling programme participation figures.


Martin Merryweather, Strategy Director at British Cycling, said: “Whilst it’s a shame that the weather at the start of this year meant that fewer people were able to enjoy life on two wheels, the fact that people were put off riding doesn’t come as a huge surprise.


“Although some of our organised rides were cancelled, we salute the thousands of cyclists who still got out there and embraced the, at times, arctic conditions!


“Mostly, we’re reassured that following the turn in weather and irrespective of World Cup fever, more and more people took to the saddle and each month we’ve seen increased figures compared to last year. The evidence is clear, Britain is becoming a great cycling nation.”





Emma Wright 
Communications Manager

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