The #FootballPeople weeks are here…

Some of football’s biggest names will join a movement of over 100,000 for the 2018 #FootballPeople weeks, the biggest social change campaign in European sport.

For two weeks between the 11th-25th October more than 2,000 activities will take place in over 60 countries in Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia. The campaign aims to drive social inclusion and tackle discrimination, using football as a vehicle to educate, inspire and promote equality for all.

On the day of the launch of the period, Fare Executive Director Piara Powar said:

“The Football People action weeks provide a perfect opportunity for European football to come together to challenge exclusion and discrimination, and support inclusion and diversity.”

“Anyone who is involved in football is invited to take part in the weeks, and to make an active contribution by organising activities. Last year over 100,000 participants were directly involved. Together, we can shape European football as an inclusive entity.

“Activities, will include conferences, debates, workshops, tournaments and many more events at national and international level. There are opportunities for everyone to get involved.”

The weeks unite grassroots groups, clubs, supporters, NGOs and communities affected by exclusion across the continent to eradicate discrimination in the game.

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Fare launches educational toolkit for 14-18-year-olds

A new educational resource kit which can be used to educate young people against discrimination and to celebrate difference has been launched by the Fare network.

The educational materials are aimed at teachers in schools, clubs, NGOs and others who want to bring anti- discrimination to the classroom.

The low-threshold and activating approach used in the materials deals with discrimination in football, advocates diversity and encourages people to act against exclusion. The target group for the resources are young people between the ages of 14 and 18. Hit the link to read the full story and download the resource kit.

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#FootballPeople weeks activities - get involved

#FootballPeople events across Europe have already begun to take place.

On Monday 8th October, BCOMS (The Black Collective of Media in Sport) held a conference on diversity in the sports media, D Word 3, funded with an event grant from the Fare network.

In Spain, CDE Dragones de Lavapies in Madrid held a Museo Nacional de Antropología’s Cup at Retiro Park’s La Chopera football pitch bringing together some of Madrid’s diverse cultural groups.

In Italy, amateur club ASD Polisportiva Atletico Diritti are hosting a football tournament on October 11th in memory of 60 refugee children who died whilst trying to cross the Mediterranean by boat five years ago.

A full list of activities taking place around the world can be found on our activities map.

Follow the 2018 Football People weeks on social media (FacebookTwitterYoutube and Instagram) and through the activities map. Message us, tweet us, share your images and videos and let us know how you’re involved.

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