ZURICH: World football federation FIFA has confirmed the resignation of one of its senior ethics judges who has been accused of corruption in hi native Malaysia.

Sundra Rajoo was appointed one year ago after passing an integrity check to be a deputy chairman of the FIFA ethics committee’s judging panel.

However he was arrested last week in an investigation into alleged financial wrongdoing while he was serving director of the Asian International Arbitration Centre.

A court in Kuala Lumpur gave him an unconditional release citing his diplomatic immunity, though he resigned from the job.

During Rajoo’s time at FIFA, ethics judges imposed life bans on several officials who admitted bribery charges in the United States Justice Department’s FIFAGate investigation.

Sources close to one of the banned officias, former Brazilian confederation president Marco Polo del Nero have indicated that he may appeal on grounds of Rajoo’s unsuitability.

FIFA said last week Rajoo would not be involved in ethics cases while he was under suspicion in Malaysia.