NEW YORK: The FIFAGate judge has refused to reconsider her earlier refusal to approve a multi-million-dollar plea for financial compensation from CONCACAF, the central and north American football confederation.

Last month Judge Patricia Chen ruled that CONCACAF was not entitled to reclaim $1.8m in legal costs against ex-South American confederation supremo Juan Angel Naout and ex-Brazilian FA president Joe Maria Marin.

The two former members of the executive committee of world governing body FIFA were convicted and jailed in December on multiple corruption charges concerning misuse of  international football broadcasting and sponsorship income.

The original claim for restitution by a consortium of football bodies was for $116m which included a claim from CONCACAF for $1.8m in legal fees involved in reclaiming the broadcasting rights for Latin American tournaments.

Judge Chen had awarded ‘only’ $2.63m in total. In justifying her decision this week she said that CONCACAF had failed to prove that, in negotiating larger deals, it hd not factored in a need to recoup its original legal costs.