—- The Faroe Islands will host the 28th European Non-Governmental Sports Organisation [ENGSO] General Assembly in its capitol Torshavn in June 2020.  ENGSO – the umbrella organisation of National Sport Confederations and National Olympic Committees from 34 European countries – will also hold its Youth Assembly, EU seminar and member seminar in Torshavn at the same time.

The Faroese Confederation of Sports and Olympic Committee [FCSOC] is the designated host of the ENGSO General Assembly 2020 where, among other procedures, the election of ENGSO Secretary General will take place.  Information about the nomination process, event schedule, draft programme and a registration link to the event will be issued by ENGSO in February.

Commenting on the news, Jon Hestoy, Vice President of the FCSOC said:

“The Faroe Islands is honoured to host the 2020 ENGSO General Assembly, not least as we were one of its founding members.  ENGSO is proving to be an important voice and thought leader in European sport, particularly at the voluntary level, and we look forward to being a highly professional partner for this important gathering of European sports leaders in June.

“This news is further evidence of the recognition the Faroe Islands is receiving from the international sporting community, including our ability to now compete in the European Games and our recent membership of Word Taekwondo.  As we head into Olympic year, we look forward to building on this progress and achieving our ultimate ambition of Olympic recognition for the Faroe Islands.”

The 28th ENGSO General Assembly will take place 5-7 June 2020.




Notes to Editors:

About the Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands, which has a population of 52,000, has been a self-governing region of the Kingdom of Denmark since 1948 and competes in the Olympic Games as Denmark. Located north-west of Scotland’s Shetland Islands and almost 1,000km from Denmark, the Faroe Islands has been campaigning for more than 40 years for Olympic recognition. The Faroese Confederation of Sports was established in 1939 and it’s Olympic Committee in 1982. Sport on the islands is 100% self-funded, including all anti-doping activities [no sport funding comes from Denmark]. 18,000 Faroese are members of sports clubs which is driven and overseen by the FCSOC.

Faroe Islands is a founding member of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) and has competed in every Paralympic Summer Games since 1984. It is recognised in its own right by 11 International Federations: archery, badminton, darts, football, handball, International Paralympic Committee, judo, swimming, table tennis, taekwondo and volleyball.

Visit our website: https://isf.fo/faroese-confederation-of-sports-olympic-committee/


ENGSO’s mission is to promote the interests of sports organisations in Europe and to be the leading voice of the voluntary sports sector.


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