MADRID: Spain has postponed all LaLiga matches for two weeks after Real Madrid announced that their players have been told to go into quarantine.

Real, who are scheduled to visit Manchester City in the Champions League next week, made the call on Thursday after a member of the club’s basketball team tested positive for coronavirus.

LaLiga said in a statement: “Given the circumstances known this morning, referring to the quarantine established at Real Madrid and the possible positives in players from other clubs, LaLiga considers that the circumstances are already in place to continue with the next phase of the protocol of action against COVID- 19.

“Consequently, in accordance with the measures established in Royal Decree 664/1997 of May 12, [it] agrees to suspend at least the next two rounds.

“The decision will be reevaluated after the completion of the quarantines decreed in the affected clubs and other possible situations that may arise.”

The move makes it almost certain that City’s Champions League second-leg clash against Real next Tuesday in Manchester will be postponed.

Real Madrid said in a statement: “Real Madrid reports that a player from our first basketball team has tested positive after testing for the COVID-19 coronavirus.

“Since then, the recommendation has been made to quarantine both the basketball first team and the football first team, given that the two squads share facilities in Madrid.

“Likewise, it has been decided to close the facilities of our sports city and it is also recommended that all Real Madrid personnel who provide their services in Real Madrid City remain in quarantine.”