Lausanne; 20 May 2020: ANOC today announced that it will provide additional funding to the National Olympic Committees (NOCs) in order to support them in their preparations for the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 during these difficult times.


ANOC’s decision was taken during a videoconference meeting of the Acting ANOC President, the ANOC Vice Presidents, the ANOC Secretary General and the Director of Olympic Solidarity. The meeting was called following the IOC Executive Board’s announcement to provide a financial envelope in response to the COVID-19 crisis and to discuss how ANOC could additionally help NOCs address the challenges that were identified in ANOC’s questionnaire, which was sent to all NOCs in March. The funds available to the NOCs will be available on a case-by-case basis depending on needs, managed through the five Continental Associations and ANOC, and coordinated by Olympic Solidarity.


Acting ANOC President Mitchell said:


“NOCs, like people and organisations around the world, are facing significant challenges and hardship. We stand in solidarity with all those who have been affected and we are committed to supporting all NOCs in any way we can. Safeguarding the health of athletes, staff and all stakeholders is of course the most important priority. But we also recognise that the financial implications of this awful pandemic will be felt by NOCs even after the immediate health threat is overcome. ANOC therefore has decided to provide additional funding to all 206 NOCs to better equip them to face these challenges and ensure they can continue to prepare their athletes for Tokyo 2020.”


The announcement follows ANOC and the Korean Sport and Olympic Committee (KSOC)’s joint decision to cancel this year’s ANOC General Assembly and reschedule it in Seoul in 2021. ANOC confirmed that the money that had been allocated to the 2020 General Assembly will be put towards the NOC fund.


ANOC also confirmed the ANOC Executive Council meeting that was scheduled for 15 June is postponed to November this year. ANOC will continue to monitor the situation closely and an exact date will be announced at a later stage.


All ANOC Commissions will meet virtually for the rest of this year.



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The Association of National Olympic Committees (ANOC) was established in June 1979 during the Constitutive General Assembly in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Over the last 41 years, the number of National Olympic Committees (NOCs) whose interests ANOC represents has risen to 206.


ANOC is administered from its headquarters in the Olympic Capital, Lausanne, where it has been based since June 2010. ANOC strives to protect and promote the collective interests of the NOCs by delivering an unprecedented level of assistance and support. ANOC also aims to build and strengthen the relationships between the NOCs and the Olympic Family for the benefit of the entire Olympic Movement.

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