—- Berlin, 29 June 2020. OneFootball, the world’s leading football media platform, is
pleased to announce today the unveiling of a new brand identity and the release of an
entirely redesigned app.
Ever since its inception in 2008, OneFootball has continuously improved its app to provide
the best digital football experience. From statistics and live scores of 200+ leagues and
competitions worldwide to breaking news, highlight clips, transfer rumors and live streaming,
OneFootball has evolved to serve the new generation of football fans across the globe with
the most comprehensive content offering in one single app.
In order to adapt to the constant evolution of football and the world surrounding it,
OneFootball has now brought its identity in line with what it really stands for as a brand and
product: OneFootball is here to create and generate hype, fuel the fans’ passion, and amplify
the excitement of the game. Before, during, and after the match. In-season and off-season.
And, as importantly, OneFootball is here to celebrate the return of football and bring back joy
to fans around the world.
“As football has evolved, so has OneFootball. It’s no longer just about the 90 minutes – but a
whole new world where we see sports, music, fashion, gaming and culture bleed into each
other. We wanted to adapt to this new reality and have our new brand reflect the lifestyle and
state of mind of the new generation of football fans“, says OneFootball COO Franz Koch. “We
needed a brand that truly reflects the emotional connection of fans with the beautiful game
and our spirit of innovation.”
At the heart of the new brand stands the new logo with a simpler design to represent the
number ‘1’ but also a person kicking a football, a reference to OneFootball’s heritage. The
logo is complemented by a set of vibrant colors, a new wordmark, a new typeface and distinct
“hype” patterns that bring the brand to life with impact and energy. The new brand is bold,
loud and creates a whole new vibe for OneFootball and its users.

The new brand launch comes with the release of a completely redesigned app, which
impresses with a fresh, clean interface that is even simpler and smarter. Despite the new look
and feel, the comprehensive, quality content and media offering that OneFootball fans love
remains untouched.
The new brand identity was developed in cooperation with London-based branding and
digital creative agency, DesignStudio.
To download a set of visuals and a short video that really brings our brand to life, click here.

To learn more about the new OneFootball brand identity,

visit www.onefootball.design
Same Game. New Vibe.

About OneFootball
OneFootball’s goal is to fuel the world’s football obsession.
Reaching more than 70 million football fans worldwide every month, across its platform and
social media channels, OneFootball is the most popular football media platform for the new

generation of football fans. It is the only app with a fully personalised home stream for non-
stop news of your favourite club and the only company to offer single live football matches

in-app on a pay-per-view basis.
In the spirit that football is more than just 90 minutes, OneFootball operates a 24-hour
newsroom to provide fans across the world with the comprehensive football content they
crave – from statistics and live scores of 200+ leagues and competitions worldwide to
breaking news, highlight clips, transfer rumors and live streaming. Native integration from
OneFootball’s network of over 200 independent content creators, clubs, federations, players
and broadcasters adds an additional 13,000+ pieces of content per week.
OneFootball is available in 12 languages and is the best rated sports app in the world, based
on millions of App Store and Google Play reviews.
Founded twelve years ago, the company has 220 employees at its headquarters in Berlin and
regional offices in London, New York, Mexico City and São Paulo.

For more information, please visit:
→ company.onefootball.com
→ twitter.com/onefootball
→ linkedin.com/company/onefootball/