GENOA: Massimo Ferrero, the president of Italian club Sampdoria of Genoa, has been arrested for corporate crimes and bankruptcy, in an investigation involving five other people.

Italian media reported that the 70-year-old was detained after being arrested by the finance police on a warrant issued by the Paola prosecutor’s office in Calabria, southern Italy.

Ferrero, who has owned Sampdoria since 2014 and also active in the film market, is accused of corporate crimes and bankruptcy. The operation does not affect Sampdoria as a club, local media say.

Five other people are involved in the investigation, including his daughter, Vanessa Ferrero, and his son-in-law. Both have been placed under house arrest.

A Sampdoria statement said: “The club has learned with great surprise of the arrest of Massimo Ferrero […] for bankruptcy cases which date back many years. It is important to clarify that these matters have absolutely nothing to do with the management of the club.

“He intends to resign immediately from all his club functions”