SAO PAULO: Pelé has returned to hospital in Sao Paulo for chemotherapy following surgery to remove a colon tumour in September.

Triple World Cup winner Edson Arantes do Nascimento, now 81, was admitted to the Albert Einstein Hospital on Tuesday and underwent a series of tests to check his condition.

A hospital statement said: “The patient is stable and the forecast is that he will be discharged in the next few days.”

Pelé was hospitalized in that same center on August 31 for routine examinations that he had postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic and in which the tumour was detected.

He underwent surgery and was discharged after a month in hospital. He underwent chemotherapy that is still continuing and to which, according to his doctors , he has reacted “satisfactorily”.

Pele’s health has deteriorated in recent years with problems in the spine, hip and knee in addition to a kidney issue.