ROMA: Juventus have said they will provide “full support” to Nicolo Fagioli after the Italian football federation confirmed a start to his seven-month ban for beetting rule breaches. This means Fagioli could be back in action before the end of the season.

The FIGC also confirmed that Fagioli will undergo therapy for his gambling lasting at least six months, and in a minimum of 10 public meetings in a period of five months.

A Juventus statement said: “The club has noted the official press release from the FIGC and confirms its full support for Nicolo Fagioli in tackling this path.

“We will provide the player with the necessary support in carrying out the indicated therapeutic plan and, as expressly provided for in the agreement, collaborating with the federation to outline the scheduled appointments.”

Juventus said they are convinced the player will be able to make a successful return once the ban has been served, with the support of the club, team mates, family and the professionals who will assist him.

Newcastle United confirmed on Wednesday that their midfielder Sandro Tonali is also under investigation in relation to betting.

Roma have complained that reports about the alleged involvement of their midfielder Nicola Zalewski and forward Stephan El Shaarawy in betting investigations had damaged the players’ reputations.

A club statement added: “The club has full confidence in Nicola and Stephan when they say they have nothing to do with this matter.”