FRANKFURT: Dutch winger Anwar El Ghazi is reported to be having his contract terminated at Mainz for a social media post about the Israel-Gaza conflict.

The former Aston Villa and Everton forward was suspended on 17 October by the Bundesliga club, who called the now-deleted post “unacceptable”.

In a meeting on Thursday, the club wanted the 28-year-old to apologise for the perceived pro-Palestinian post.

But the Dutchman told senior executives he stands for peace and humanity for all victims of the war.

Sources told BBC Sport on Friday that El Ghazi was informed he will have his contract cancelled.

He responded with an Instagram stories post, saying: “I condemn the killing of all innocent civilians in Palestine and Israel.

“My sympathies are with the innocent victims of this conflict irrespective of their nationality. I am committed to a peaceful and integrated Middle East region.

“To the extent my previous statements on social media have been misunderstood, I would like to make clear that I stand for peace and humanity for all.”

El Ghazi joined the club on a free transfer on 22 September after leaving PSV Eindhoven.

Under German labour law, an employer has 14 days from the date they became aware of the gross misconduct to terminate a contract, but if they miss this deadline they would have to pay the contract out in full.

Mainz’ stadium is named after founding member Eugen Salomon, a Jewish man who was stripped of his club functions by the Nazis in 1933. Salomon died in the Holocaust in 1942.

Nice defender Youcef Atal has been suspended and is being investigated by French prosecutors for allegedly posting an antisemitic video relating to the conflict in Israel and Gaza.