NYON: More than 20 million tickets have been requested from 206 countries for Euro 2024 matches in Germany, according to European federation UEFA, with close to 2.3 million applications for the July 14 final alone.

Germans made up 65pc of the applications during the first sales window, followed by fans from England, France, Spain, and Austria. The top five countries outside Europe that requested tickets were the United States, Canada, Australia, China and Mexico, with over half a million applications from those countries.

Martin Kallen, UEFA’s Events SA CEO, said in a statement: “The anticipation for UEFA EURO 2024 in Germany is rising every day.

“With our simple and fair ticketing process combined with affordable prices, we can offer fans access unforgettable moments and special encounters.

“The exceptional number of ticket applications is testament to the continued appeal of the tournament and the interest of fans around the world.”