YAMOUSOUKROU, Ivory Coast: The African football confederation has laid down its expectations for media zone activities after talks with the Cup of Nations local organising committee and police over serious concerns about the behaviour of some “journalists” in tribunes, media centres and mixed zones.

A CAF statement said: “While we understand that we are all football fans and are passionate about our teams, journalists are expected to observe professional standards. Fans must not be in the media tribune – there are plenty of seats at the stadium for them.

“Please note the following:

1.    Going forward any media practitioner who is involved in wild celebrations and abuses other media colleagues will be immediately removed by Security and his/her Accreditation will be withdrawn.

2.    Any media representative who is involved in a fight in media areas or physical scuffle will have his/her Accreditation withdrawn.

3.    Any journalist (Non-Rights Holder) who films at in the Media Tribune will be removed and his/her Accreditation withdrawn.

4.    Any media practictioner who uses vulgar in media areas either against Coaches, Players or his/her peers will have the Accreditation withdrawn.

5.    Any journalists who is live streaming in the Mixed Zone will have his/her Accreditation withdrawn.

6.    Use of Drones is strictly prohibited.

7.    Media cannot film inside the stadium (Only media centre, press conference room).”