PARIS: The UEFA executive committee, meeting in Paris, has approved the UEFA Strategy 2024-30 “United for Success”.

The strategy provides a clear direction and roadmap to guide both UEFA and the wider European football community and is aimed at empowering football’s place in every community across Europe, preserving the integral link between grassroots football and elite competitions. It is based on 7 key values: Respect, Equality, Fairness, Openness, Unity, Integrity and Excellence.

UEFA men’s club competitions revenue distribution system 2024-27:
The Committee approved the detailed revenue distribution system for the 2024-27 UEFA men’s club competitions.

Of the projected threshold of €4.4bn: 10% (€440m) is allocated to solidarity with 7% (€308m) to non-participating clubs and 3% (€132m) to qualifying rounds clubs. In addition, €25m are reserved to UEFA Women’s Champions League and UEFA Youth League.

The net amount (after deduction of costs, solidarity payments and payments to other competitions) is shared between participating clubs (93.5%) and UEFA (6.5%).

Out of the total amount available for distribution to participating clubs (€ 3.317 bn), €2.467bn (74.38%) will be distributed to clubs competing in the UEFA Champions League (and UEFA Super Cup), €565m (17.02%) will be distributed to clubs competing in the UEFA Europa League and €285m (8.60%) to clubs in the UEFA Conference League. The ratio between the three competitions has been kept on the same level as in the current 2021/24 cycle.

The above amounts will be distributed through three different pillars: equal shares, performance pillar and value pillar. While the percentage reserved to equal shares (27.5%) and performance (37.5%) has been increased (+2.5% and +7.5% respectively), the value pillar will consist of 35%, i.e. 10% less than the aggregated shares of market pool and coefficient in the current cycle.

Detailed explanations and the amounts of equal shares and performance fees will be communicated shortly.