PARIS: England, relegated out of the top tier of the UEFA Nations League last time around, have been drawn against the Republic of Ireland, Finland and Greece in League B group for the 2024-25 tournament.

Scotland, promoted among the top League A groups, will face Croatia, Poland and Portugal; Wales have been placed in the same League B group as Iceland, Montenegro and Turkey; while Northern Ireland are to play Belarus, Bulgaria and Luxembourg in their League C group.

Leagues A, B and C each have four groups of four teams, while League D has two groups of three teams.

Scotland won Group B1 last time to earn promotion to League A for the first time, while England dropped a division after finishing bottom of Group A3.

Wales were also in the top tier last time but finished bottom of Group A4 with one point from six games.

The crazy stuffing of the football programme means that the end of the next 2024-25, season, will see all the finest players racing between the Champions League final on May 31 to World Cup qualifiers between June 2 and 10 or the Nations League Finals on June 4-8 then the Club World Cup in the United States between June 15 and July 13.

Nations League 2024-25 draw in full

League A
Group A1: Croatia, Portugal, Poland, Scotland
Group A2: Italy, Belgium, France, Israel
Group A3: Holland, Hungary, Germany, Bosnia Herzegovina
Group A4: Spain, Denmark, Switzerland, Serbia

League B
Group B1: Czech Republic, Ukraine, Albania, Georgia
Group B2: England, Finland, Ireland, Greece
Group B3: Austria, Norway, Slovenia, Kazakhstan
Group B4: Wales, Iceland, Montenegro, Turkey

League C
Group C1: Sweden, Azerbaijan, Slovakia, Estonia
Group C2: Romania, Kosovo, Cyprus, Lithuania/Gibraltar*
Group C3: Luxembourg, Bulgaria, Northern Ireland, Belarus
Group C4: Armenia, Faroe Islands, North Macedonia, Latvia
*Gibraltar and Lithuania face a play-out, in effect a relegation play-off to see who ends up in Leagues C and D, in March.

League D
Group D1: Lithuania/Gibraltar, San Marino, Liechtenstein
Group D2: Moldova, Malta, Andorra